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  • In 1961 the Mother gave Narad the adesh to bring down a New Music. These were Her words: "You must bring down a New Music" This is the aspiration of the OM Choir now in its 12th year.We gather as a group soul, a sacred body, to open ourselves to be instruments for the descent of the New Music, a music that has the power of effectuation through OM, which the Mother has called, "The signature of the Lord." OM Choirs are now in many parts of the world.
  • All are welcome and no formal training in music is required. When we sing OM its vibrations penetrate not only all countries with its healing, assisting in the transformation of the world, but enter into our bodies as well and many write of healing that has occurred and others of their visions and experiences. To read more on the OM Choir please visit our website,
  • If you would like to share your experience of the OM Choir at Savitri Bhavan please sign our Guest Book and take as much space as you like or you may contact Narad directly at
  • An aspiration has been expressed for an international OM Choir in Auroville and for the formation of a Global OM Choir.All suggestions and inspirations are welcome.

The voice that chants to the creator Fire,
The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word,


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