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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Messages from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
Shun all lowness, narrowness & shallowness in religious thought & experience. Be wider than the widest horizons, be loftier than the highest Kanchenjunga, be profounder than the deepest oceans.

(The Hour of God,Vol:17,Page.90 -Thoughts and Aphorisms,SABCL)

The Ashram

Special Visitors

Read in this section about prominent personalities in various fields who met Sri Aurobindo or The Mother in Pondicherry with remarks about them



Weekly Guidance from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

"Our actual enemy is not any force exterior to ourselves, but our own crying weaknesses, our cowardice, our selfishness, our hypocrisy, our purblind sentimentalism."

-Sri Aurobindo-

"To go from one doctor to another is the same mistake as to go from one Guru to another. One is on the material plane what the other is on the spiritual. You must choose your doctor and stick to him if you do not want to enter into physical confusion. It is only if the doctor himself decides to consult another or others that the thing can be done safely."

-The Mother-

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