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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Messages from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
To the senses it is always true that the sun moves round the earth; this is false to the reason. To the reason it is always true that the earth moves round the sun; this is false to the supreme vision. Neither earth moves nor sun; there is only a change in the relation of sun-consciousness & earth-consciousness.

(The Hour of God,Vol:17,Page.90 -Thoughts and Aphorisms,SABCL)

The Ashram

Special Visitors

Read in this section about prominent personalities in various fields who met Sri Aurobindo or The Mother in Pondicherry with remarks about them



Weekly Guidance from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

"She saw too that man has the power of exceeding himself, of becoming himself more entirely and profoundly than he is, truths which have only recently begun to be seen in Europe and seem even now too great for its common intelligence."

-Sri Aurobindo-

"It is not so much the act that matters, but the consciousness in which it is done.
So all is well and do not torment yourself. My love is always with you."

-The Mother-

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