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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Thought for the day
The world is fighting for its spiritual life menaced by the rush of hostile and undivine forces. Lord, we aspire to be Thy valiant warriors so that Thy glory may manifest upon the earth.

The Mother (NYM 1941,Words of the Mother.Vol:15, Page 180, CWMCE.

The Ashram

Special Visitors

Read in this section about prominent personalities in various fields who met Sri Aurobindo or The Mother in Pondicherry with remarks about them



Weekly Guidance from Sri Aurobindo and Mother

"An aimless life is always a troubled life. Every individual should have an aim. But do not forget that the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life. Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others. Whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realized unless you have realized perfection in yourself."

-Sri Aurobindo-

"The purpose of earthly life is progress. If you stop progressing you will die. Every moment that you spend without progressing is one step closer to your grave.
From the moment you are satisfied and aspire no longer, you begin to die. Life is movement, life is effort; it is marching forward, climbing towards future revelations and realisations. Nothing is more dangerous than wanting to rest.
One has always something to learn and a progress to make, and in each circumstance we can find the occasion of learning the lesson and making the progress. "

-The Mother-

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